Top 7 Best Ayurvedic Products for Skin in India 2022

Today we are gonna see the top best ayurvedic products for skin in India 20212 that you can buy online on Amazon at a great Price Range.

Best Ayurvedic Products for Skin in India

Here is the list of the best Ayurvedic Products for Skin in India that you can buy online at the best price on Amazon.



The first product that I want to talk about is just herbs. this is their rejuvenating elixir facial serum with gote cola and Indian ginseng. 

Now Gotu kola is basically saikar central Asiatica which is so hugely popular and widely used in Korean skincare.

Well, it actually originated here in India guys now Saika is so popular and known for its healing properties.

Its rejuvenating properties, its properties to get rid of hyperpigmentation they have so many amazing skin benefits and that combined with the Indian ginseng.

This is an absolutely amazing glow-boosting anti-aging serum. One of the best ayurvedic products for skin in India.

consider this your ayurvedic natural substitute for a traditional vitamin c serum in the market. that is the kind of result that you derive when you use this consistently in the morning and night. 

You use this as a face serum and what i like about this is also the fact that it absorbs into your skin very easily fast.

So if you have normally oily skin this would be enough as a moisturizer. You can top it off with sunscreen and that’s good enough for your morning routine.

Top it off with an oil or a night cream for your evening routine. but if you have dry skin give this two minutes to absorb into your skin.

Then you top off with a moisturizer something heavier to really hydrate your skin. 


The second product in today’s best ayurvedic products for skin in India is also from just herbs and this is their Kim sukadi thailam tile.

This is their glow-boosting Facial Oil. This is going to get rid of your age spots, hyperpigmentation darkness fine lines wrinkles.

It has a kind of glow-boosting anti-aging anti-pigmentation effect. This is made with 17 super powerful precious herbs.

So it is very very potent. This also has the property to regulate the oil production of your own skin.

top of your night routine with a couple of drops of this. just put it in your palm get it warm and then pat it into your face.

You can also add a little bit extra and then really use your fingers or your gua sha or a rolling stone to massage your skin and you know get your blood circulation going.


The next sunscreen that I want to talk about is the neemly mattifying sunscreen. this is the daily protection from uva and UVB.

It’s a water-resistant formula that is non-comedogenic and super lightweight.

This is that it is in a spray bottle formula and this is a mineral sunscreen you have to shake this up before you spritz it on your face.

The only thing is that it can’t sting your eye if it gets into your eyes.

So if you are playing, sports, outdoor sports or something like that be careful of applying it all-around your face.

Overall it’s a best ayurvedic products for skin in India.


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Next, we have a face cleanser and this is from tribe concepts. this is your face brightening daily cleanser. this face wash also acts as a mild scrub.

Because it is in a powder form and it comes in a little steel spoon which you have to take and mix in water and all that.

It gives you such an unreal glow on your face you can even use this as a face mask to intensify that facial glow. 


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next best ayurvedic products for skin in India from dr sheds, we have the neem and BHA spot clarifying serum.

Never seen any brand mix active with Ayurveda as beautifully as dr sheds.

They always mix our turmeric and our neem and all of these ayurvedic ingredients with retinol and BHA.

This one is supposed to be a spot treatment as a spot treatment. This comes in a nice clear gel with small balls of I’m assuming neem.

So it’s even fun to apply this on your face it’s very light and fragrance-free.

They have also suggested using this as a face mask when you are breaking out on your pimples and stuff


best ayurvedic products for skin in india

let’s move on to hair the very first oil hair oil that i want to talk about is the juicy chemistry chili horsetail and black seed oil. 

You only apply this to your scalp and that really promotes the blood circulation in your scalp you can feel the slight tingly feeling because of the chili.

It’s so easy to just put this right on your scalp and squeeze pump.

It’s so easy to apply the oil you know so the packaging the ingredients the formula the oil itself this juicy chemistry.


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Next best ayurvedic products for skin in India from a brand called wild organica.

It’s a small Instagram store I want to say they sent me this nourishing hair serum for silky soft hair.

This serum, unlike all the other hair serums that are silicone based. they don’t really do anything to nourish your hair or strengthen your hair.

This is a blend of nine oils so they are actually beneficial for your hair they strengthen your hair.

Nut because this is straight-up oil uh it can leave your hair oily if you apply too much also.

The best time to apply it when your hair is still wet because that is when your hair shaft is most receptive.

It’s going to just absorb all of that hydration and the nutrition into the hair and makes my hair so soft and shiny.

So this was our list of the Top 7 best ayurvedic products for skin in India.

All these skincare and hair care products that you simply must try the best of 2022.

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