6 Best FOG LIGHT for Bike in INDIA 2022

Best fog light for bike in India

Here we have the top 6 Best Fog Ligh for Bike in INDIA 2022 which you can buy online at the best price. Usually, Fog Lights For bikes are so important in foggy weather even it is impossible to drive on Road.


Fog light usually used in Rains, Fogs & Snow falls to get a better Visibility at that Condition. When you drive in Dust, Rains, or snowfalls your Visibility becomes low at that moment Fog Lights Helps You to Get Clear & More Comfortable visibility.

Here is the list of the best fog light for bikes in India that you can buy online on Amazon at the best possible prices.


Best FOG LIGHT for Bike in INDIA

It’s the best fog light for a sports bike. It looks good and will give you your bike a sporty look. The lens is made of PMMA which is covered with Aluminium housing to protect the light and the internal system can light up to 200 meters distance.

It’s a water resistance fog light it comes with hi-beam, lo beam & glass cutting flash features. It’s compatible with every vehicle Like – Motorcycle, Bike, Cars, ATV &, etc. The U7 Led light offers you 50,000 hours of life which is a great Thing about it.

There are three different cables to connect this with your vehicle red yellow and black. The yellow wire is for halogen light and the red is for the main light.ADDITIONAL FEATURE

  • PMMA lens
  • Water resistance
  • Universal fit
  • Dust-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • anti-collision
  • spot beam


Andride Universal Fitting 12 LED Fog Light

It’s a perfect powerful fog light for bike for those who need a bright and focuses light at night. The focus helps to reach the light far ahead.This 12 led for light for bike comes with a bracket which helps you to set this on your vehicle anywhere. Could be used on the motorcycle handlebar, top of a car or even you can install it as an indicator.it is the waterproof fog light that can be used in heavy rain or tough extreme situations. The casing is made of aluminum, 36 watts 12 LED fog light.


  • Aluminum casing
  • Waterproof



It’s the best fog light for bike in India. This light is going to give you a wide range of view with the focus spotlight that also helps you to see a far distance.120w bright white light is very powerful that serves the best view at night or go with Yellow color. It’s the best match if you are using an off-road vehicle like- Jeep, Heavy-duty, Suv, Atv, Utv, Truck, Car, Boat.It is Dustproof, Rust Proof & also shockproof so no need to worry about. The light is totally protected from outside with aluminum and polycarbonate material.


  • Wide view
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof 


AllExtreme EX12FW1 12 LED Fog Light

It’s the best fog light for motorcycle & compatible car ATV & other vehicles to give you better visibility at night. Its focus helps you to see far and it is fully compatible in any weather.It is waterproof which means that you can use this in extreme rainy weather or in a fog day without worrying about the damage.it comes with fixed brackets that means you can set it anywhere on your vehicle as you want but the best option is to use this on handlebars or if you are using it on the car so above the roof.Just connect the wire with batteries with switches and you can use this easily.


  •  Aluminum casing
  • Waterproof
  • Voltage: 9-30v dc


Autofy 6 MONTHS WARRANTY Original SHILAN Universal Fog Light for Bike

It is the best led fog light for bike also compatible with all types of vehicles like car bike scooter ATV & etc. To use on Scooty you have to use a mounting rod but on bikes just screws to fix it. It comes with 6 months warranty that makes it a good choice.

The operating voltage is 10-30V with positive & negative terminals. It gives 20-watt unit operation just for 1 Amp current by 6 led fog light for bike. LED bulbs and interior is covered with military-grade abs plastic casing for long durability.

The condenser prevents the burst which happens due to voltage surge and also to prevent short circuits has Diodes. The reflected cups are angled on 30 degrees that give you a perfect spot beam.


  • Compatible with all Vehicle
  • Water-Resistant
  • Military Grade ABS Plastic Casing
  • Scratch Proof Lens
  • Reflector Cups
  • 6 Months Warranty

A2D U.D24 RAY 24 LED

A2D U.D24 Ray 24 LED Super Light High Watts Cree

It’s a lightweight fog light for all bikes and cars. This is totally waterproof & dustproof so you can use this in the rain, fog, or extreme weather without any problem. The casing is made with metal to protect the interiors and LED bulbs from damage. The light is white, bright, and wide-angle so you can see far away with it. The bonus fact about it is Its also covered with a 30-day replacement Warranty. That means you can return the light if it stops working within a month.


  • Precision Cut Reflector
  • Durable Frame
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof

Best Fog Light For Bike in India (FAQ’s)

Here we have some questions & Answers which, people ask or Search on google. 

When to Use Fog Light?

Well, I’ll tell you the time not to use your fog lights and that’s when, it’s nice weather you have no snow no rain, and no fog there’s no reason to use your fog lights.
They’re not going to help you to see a long distance. Fog lights are strictly closed wide. so when to use them we have heavy fog that you can barely see past your bumper. use your fog lights in rain heavy torrential rains a light rain you don’t need your fog lights just when it’s really heavy and heavy snow then you can use them.

Which light is best for fog?

You should choose a fog light that is compatible with your vehicle & gives you the brightest & far ahead light in tough weather. You can Find out some best & affordable Best fog light for bikes in our list.

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